Gratitude Friday

Gratitude FridayGratitude Friday is a weekly ritual that Nolwenn started in order to focus on all the small and big positive things that happened during her week. She invites us to join her; you’ll see how much being thankful can change your life. If you want to know more about it, read her introduction post.

This has been a crazy week — especially the last few days — so I almost forgot to post. Despite the drama this week, there’s lots to be thankful for:

  • I am profoundly and intensely appreciative of my sister. Because of the age difference between us, we haven’t always been close. Since Dad died, however, we’ve gotten steadily closer. I really admire her and love her.
  • My husband is a constant source of non-judgmental support, and I really appreciate that. He loves me just as I am, but encourages me in my quests for personal growth and development. He quietly listens as I talk about the drama in my life, but doesn’t judge the situation. Plus, he makes me laugh dozens of times most days!
  • I traveled twice this week, and I’m appreciative of my safe and pleasant journeys.
  • I’m very grateful that I’ve rediscovered Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesdays. Even though I’ve only participated twice this time around, I feel the power of setting aside a time to wish for my life. Thanks to Jamie for hosting this amazing circle.
  • Without involving all of you in my current drama — I’m very appreciative of those people who are sharing their Truth right now, regardless of how it feels as I hear it. It encourages me to look for more Truth, to ask more questions, and seek more answers.
  • I’m very grateful for the abundance and prosperity in my life right now.
  • I’m very appreciative of my iPod Touch. I’ve recently come to realize (again) that I enjoy everything more if I’m listening to music — and usually singing along! — while I do it. I’ve really extra-enjoyed painting this week, because I’ve done it with a soundtrack!
  • I am really grateful for the lady who is handling the sale of my parent’s estate. She’s been really nice to us and she’s worked very hard to get ready for the sale. The sale was yesterday and today; I’m so thankful that we didn’t have to do this ourselves.
  • I’m especially appreciative of dinner time. Dinners are pretty simple around our house; what I’m enjoying is the time spent together. John and I sit down to dinner most every night at our dining room table. We share in each other’s company as we share our meal. He helps me clean up the kitchen after dinner. It’s my favorite time of the day.
  • We’ve started writing together each evening, and I’m thankful for this new discipline. It’s time spent together and time spent doing something we both love. So far, I’ve only been journal writing during our time, but I suspect that my writing will expand after I get some stuff out of my system.
  • After writing, we go for a walk. I’m really appreciating the cooler weather and the stars in the sky. I also appreciate myself for working on this discipline. I definitely need more exercise, so this is a good start.
  • These disciplines that John and I are developing together are the backbones of structure. I know I’d be happier with more structure in my life, so I appreciate these humble beginnings.
  • A new school has been built across the street from our house; it has just opened for business this week. I’m very grateful that there is not as much noise or traffic as I (halfway) expected there to be.
  • I’ve been really busy this week, so I’ve been more engaged in my life, and I am so appreciative of that.

What are you grateful or appreciative of?

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