Three Thing Thursday

1. Melissa is gathering stories about sibling grief. If you lost a sibling before the age of 30, please stop by and help her out. My 12-year old sister died when I was 15; I’ll be sharing my story with her.

2. I’m really excited about Carla Sonheim’s new class on silliness. I take my creative self — and almost everything else! — way too seriously most of the time, so I think a little planned silliness will do me a world of good!

3. Christine Mason Miller ┬áhas a new website. It’s simply gorgeous and reflects her spirit. She made some beautiful affirmation cards this week and she’s sharing them. Stop by and let her know you like her new site, and ask for a card, too!

One Response to Three Thing Thursday
  1. Melissa Piccola
    September 10, 2010 | 3:46 AM

    Thank for you posting about my sibling grief book. It is so appreciated.