Busy, busy, busy!

I haven’t been around much and I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed sharing my world and hearing back from you. I’ve especially missed Wishcasting Wednesday and Gratitude Friday – places that are trying to build community among their readers. I heart community.

This Sunday is Artists For A Cause is Redlands, CA and I’ve been chosen to participate. I’m familiar with the work of several other artists and I’m humbled to be included in the show with them.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful; I hope so, as my booth space is outdoors! This show is a fund raiser. This year the benefiting charity is The Children’s Fund of San Bernardino. I’m hoping to raise lots of money for them!

Next Sunday is Art On State Street, put on by the Redlands Art Association. They block off part of one of the main downtown streets (in front of the Gallery) for the day. The show is always populated by a wide variety of artists, so it’s a lot of fun to walk through.

So, with two art fairs back-to-back, I’ve been busy creating! I have five new paintings to display. I also pulled a couple of older paintings out of the closet, so that I have seven new pieces for the shows. I’m really glad about that, because I wasn’t happy with all of the pieces I showed at the Silver Lakes Arts & Crafts Fair. What I mostly wasn’t happy with was the sameness of my most recent pieces. A couple of people had suggested to me that I try working in kind of an assembly line fashion. That worked great for the first couple of layers because of the necessary drying times, but then I got stuck in my idea. I ended up with several pieces that are really just color variations of each other.

And it didn’t feel like I was making art.

That’s a biggie for me. I enjoy the process of making art – that’s why I do it. When it didn’t feel like making art, but rather like I was building a widget, it ceased to be fun. In fact, it felt a little bit like work. I know I can’t live in the World of Fun all the time, but I do my damnedest to be there as much as I can! Working is one thing, but when my passion feels like work, something is wrong!

That being said, four of the seven new pieces look very much alike, too, but they feel different to me. The joy I felt in their creation comes through in the viewing of them. They were fun to create! At no point did I get bogged down in them and feel like I was working at making new pieces. In fact, quite the contrary! This new style is very freeing for me. I’m eager to see what impact that freedom has on my future work.

I’ve been so focused on creating new art lately that I haven’t taken much time to just play. I miss that. I’m looking forward to December – and an easier schedule! – so that I can get back to experimenting and playing. I’ve spent a lot of time in my studio lately, but it’s been very purpose-oriented time. I’m looking forward to spending time trying new things and seeing where the art takes me.

Give me a couple of weeks – until the beginning of December – and I’ll be back, posting on a regular basis. Until then – have an artful day!

One Response to Busy, busy, busy!
  1. bonnierose
    November 13, 2010 | 8:28 PM

    I hope your life slows down.. I created another file folder today…. love how it turned out.. gosh, this is so so fun!!! Hugs… if u go to my blog… u can see it, or u can see it on the MMM flickr page.. hugs xo