Mixed Media May Comes To An End!

I know it’s been a few weeks since I updated my blog … And I know I was going to participate in the May Flower Challenge … Would you believe I just got busy?

I have to admit — as much fun as it was, Mixed Media May took a lot of my time this month. Because it’s the first time I’ve done this, I was developing systems and procedures on the fly. Sometimes it took several tries before I found the most efficient way of formatting and posting the interviews. Add to that every day life and a few day trips out of town, and I was a little overwhelmed.

I’m so proud of myself, though, for following through and getting each day’s interview posted at the same time each day. For me, THAT’S HUGE! If you’re a frequent reader (but then, how could you be, as I’m not a frequent poster?), then you know that I don’t always follow through well on all my good ideas. I think I’m getting better at it though.

A friend asked me why I thought this time was different. After a quick second of careful consideration, I realized that even though it was more-than-occasionally time consuming, Mixed Media May never felt like work. I absolutely loved every minute of it. I’m passionate about art and passionate about promoting mixed media art and artists. I had a great team supporting and encouraging me (thanks especially to Rachel!).

Before we say goodbye to the celebration, we have this one last day — and it’s very special! Today, I am asking all the readers and followers of Mixed Media May to participate by answering the same questions on their own blog that the Featured Artists answered — and I have PRIZES!!! Head over to today’s post for all the details!

One last thing — because Mixed Media May has been so much fun for me to do (and so well responded to!), I’ve decided to continue on with shorter Spotlight Artists interviews on Monday and Thursday. These interviews will be much shorter and less in-depth than the MMM interviews were, really just an appetizer to next year’s Mixed Media May celebration!

Thanks again to all the participants and readers. This has been an amazing experience for me — and I hope for all of you.

One Response to Mixed Media May Comes To An End!
  1. Tammy
    June 15, 2012 | 2:54 PM

    I hope you celebrate this accomplishment. You should be very proud of yourself. I’m certainly proud of you. 🙂